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What to expect form the IELTS interview

The interview is probably the most scary part of the IELTS exam for any IELTS candidate. Most people feel anxious as they know that each and every word they say will be assessed. I have seen candidates take the IELTS exam five times and even at the fifth time, they were as nervous as the first time. If you know how the interview is structured, you won’t be surprised by anything which should make you a little bit calmer about the whole experience. Here is what to expect:



4-5 min Part : General questions about your job/home and basic topics
2 min Part 2: Monologue. You need to speak for two minutes non-stop
4-5 min Part 3: Discussion. During this part, you will engage in a conversation with the examiner

When you enter the interview room, you will be sat down in front of the examiner. You will see several papers and forms in front of the examiner. During the interview, the examiner will take notes, but this shouldn’t worry you. He/she only takes notes of the time (examiners have to follow a very strict time format) but never of your score.

The examiner will greet you and introduce him-/herself after which he/she will ask you for your name and your I.D. After that you will be either asked about your job/studies or about where you live. As this is how every interview starts out, you need to prepare possible answers for these questions.

After asking questions about your home or your job/studies, the examiner will ask you two sets of questions about everyday topics. It could be about reading or about music or anything else that everybody knows about. In any case, you should give long answers and try to sound natural.

After this 4-5 minute part, the examiner will ask you to speak for one to two minutes on a topic for which you get 1 minute to prepare. You will get a piece of paper and a pencil for making notes and your topic. The examiner will read the topic to you, and you will have one minute to take notes and prepare. Read this post for IELTS note taking tips .

Once the one minute is up, you’ll have to speak for two minutes non-stop. The examiner will not say anything during this part. You should keep speaking until the examiner stops you.

The last part will be a discussion/conversation which will last 4-5 minutes. In this part, you will be asked a few questions about the topic that you had to speak for two minutes. This time the examiner will respond to what you are saying and ask questions according to what you say.

At the end, the examiner will say “Thank you. This is the end of the speaking test.” When the interview is finished, he/she will not let you know the score, so no need to ask.

Stay tuned for another post in which I’ll explain how the speaking test is scored.


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