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The main paragraphs – things to consider before writing

The main paragraphs – things to consider before writing

The most important component of an essay are the main paragraphs. Due to this, it is necessary for this part to be thought-out properly. This lesson will provide a checklist of some things to consider while writing, or prior to writing, the main paragraph. Although concentrating on the things you write is recommended, you may run the risk of confusing yourself when you have a lot of things to think about. In this case, keep in mind the following writing criteria:

  • 25% Response to the task
  • 25% Coherence and Cohesion
  • 25% Grammar
  • 25% Vocabulary

The information is suitable enough for people who are ready. However, I would like to highlight the fact that it is advisable to pause before you start to write the paragraph and take into consideration how you can respond to the task, exhibit coherence and cohesion, use proper grammar and have a good range of words to use on the essay. This process may even be applicable for every sentence in the essay.

Coherence – connecting concepts

Coherence shows how concepts are connected to each other. It also has the ability to make things sensible. This is one thing to concentrate on while writing. Two levels of coherence are present in essays, and it is essential to take into consideration the following while writing the essay:

  1. Are the paragraphs related to each other in a way that they make the essay sensible? This question pertains to essay structure.
  2. Are the sentences related to each other in a way that they make the paragraphs sensible? This question pertains to paragraph structure.

Essay structure is linked to coherence – it determines the functions of paragraphs

A simple structure is followed by almost all types of IELTS essays. Each essay may contain a total of four or five paragraphs along with two or three body paragraphs. These paragraphs have at least one of the following functions: provide support for other paragraphs by restating one idea differently, state an opposing view to the idea stated by another paragraph, or state an entirely new idea. Due to this, it is necessary to answer the following questions in the exam:

  1. What is the total number of paragraphs in my essay?
  2. Will the paragraphs provide support for each other, state an opposing view or state a new idea?

The best thing you can do when it comes to the essay structure is not to focus on the kind of essay being written, whether it is an opinion, argument, or other kinds of essays. The two questions should be the focus of the essay. Writing the essay will become uncomplicated due to this, and the question can be answered in a number of different ways. You would only have to think about the logical approach of the essay and whether the questions are answered by it.

Determine the main ideas in the initial or topic sentences

You will have an idea of your sentence structure if the essay is prepared properly, which can be facilitated by an essay map. It is also advisable to concentrate on this aspect with every new content paragraph in the essay. It is necessary to ensure that all the written paragraphs are related to the introduction. This simply indicates that you should ensure that the idea of the entire paragraph is clearly stated in the first sentence. This idea is also stated in the introduction, which is made up of topic sentences.

The structure of the paragraph needs to show coherence

It is necessary to ensure that the paragraphs are sensible, which is facilitated by using a good plan. In practice, it is recommended that you should have an idea on how the paragraph concludes before you start to write it. Writing dynamically while adding concepts into the paragraph may result in unrelated ideas in the paragraph. It will not matter how good of a writer you are. Look at the following checklist before you start writing:

  1. Am I aware of at least one main idea in the paragraph?
  2. Am I aware of the paragraph structure? Will it be necessary for me to list or clarify one of the concepts in the paragraph?
  3. Am I aware of the main idea? Give an explanation and an example.
  4. Is the main idea supported by the explanation and examples?

Cohesion – connecting your text

This concept is also considered as twin coherence where words are connected to each other rather than concepts. Two sensible things that can facilitate the development of your writing skills are as follows:

  1. Take into consideration the use of a linking devices at the start of every sentence. Words such as “Moreover, however, additionally” are very important.
  2. Take into consideration the use of synonyms and similar words that will connect your written work. This is a useful concept since it also expands your vocabulary.


Vocabulary and Grammar

Vocabulary and grammar are also important in an IELTS exam. It is essential to minimize your vocabulary and grammar errors. However, it may prove to be complicated if you concentrate on this aspect while writing, especially at the lower levels, since you might end up not finishing the essay or the essay will be incoherent. Here are some tips that may be helpful when taking the exam:

  • Be aware of how your sentence will end before you start to write it. Many errors are made when the writer starts, then stops, before starting again while writing the essay. It may appear fine at the start but the errors may start to emerge later on.
  • Good vocabulary has the tendency to be precise vocabulary. Precise vocabulary has the tendency to be based on examples.
  • When you qualify your ideas, through the use of relative clauses, modals and if-clauses, it will show a substantial knowledge of grammar. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using only simple sentences if you aim to achieve a good grammar score on the exam.

It should be noted that there is a solid link between these concepts and coherence. This is one of the reasons why I began the lesson by discussing these concepts. Many people consider coherence as the best method when they concentrate on a single concept while writing their content paragraphs.


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