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The process of writing an IELTS essay

The process of writing an IELTS essay

Looking at the title shows that the process is the main point in the lesson. It will be necessary to take into consideration that an essay is more than just a simple product since it is the outcome of a proper writing procedure. This is the main concept in ensuring a good essay exam score. It may be possible for the essay to achieve a low score if one of the steps in the process is not followed. It is essential to become aware of the various steps in the writing method and the goal of each step in order to ensure the entire process is done accurately.

The IELTS essay writing process will include the following:

  • Importance of focusing on the proper method of writing an IELTS essay
  • A recommended procedure that will clarify how you should view each step
  • Guide on the common errors that may emerge if one step in the method is overlooked

You should know that the process has no secret formula. This is one possible method that is applicable to IELTS essays. There may be other methods that you are knowledgeable about, which is fine. An intelligent candidate will make necessary adjustments to the things stated in this article.

Importance of the writing process – Sidestepping two common issues

1. Essays that are incoherent or essays that do not flow naturally

When treating writing as a process, it is expected that writing an essay will entail going through different steps. It will also highlight the significance of each element of an essay. Going through the different steps will increase the coherence of the essay. However, when the essay is treated as an entire product, it will increase the chances of overlooking a crucial step in the process and make the essay less coherent.

2. Inaccurate essays, pre-prepared essays or wrong answers

Using pre-prepared essays may result in not answering the question properly. People may start to write an essay based on concepts that they already know about, but which may not actually be part of the essay question.

Possibly, the question may not be familiar to the person answering the essay. Due to this, it is advisable to have a procedure or process ready for use. The question can still be answered even if you are not familiar with the question. It is essential to be proficient in writing essays and become skilled in the essay-writing process. This will lead to answering the essay question properly.

Pre-writing procedure

Mistakes normally emerge in this part of the process. This is also the area that is often overlooked during the exam. It is essential to allot time for this part of the process and it should not be overlooked or treated indifferently.

First Stage – Go through and become familiar with the question

A number of “decent” essays have failed in the past since they did not provide any answers to the question that was asked. It is essential to keep in mind that an answer should be provided to the question asked in an IELTS exam. It is quite possible for the question to remain unanswered if the question is not read and understood properly at the start. The question may not be answered properly since the candidates lacked suitable academic background that will allow them to explain the main topic of the question. To prevent this situation from happening, it is essential to ensure that the writing procedure includes reading and understanding the question properly.

Frequent errors

  • The essay topic that you received is similar to a topic that you worked on in the past. You give a similar answer but the question is not the same.
  • The answer you give is too general and does not answer the question itself.
  • You do not understand the question.

Second Stage – Deliberate on the question and do not focus on planning only

Although this step of the process can be referred to as a “plan,” it can also be referred to as “thinking.” When the term “plan” is used, it may refer to something that is already prepared, which may not correspond to the question on the exam. The term “thinking” may be suitable since it indicates that you will go through the question and determine how it can be answered using your present knowledge, experience and language. It is essential to treat each essay to be unique from each other. Similar concepts, structures or language from previous essays can be used as reference, but it is necessary to think about the present question in order to provide a suitable answer. This indicates that you should think about the things that should be included as well as the things that should be omitted. You must make sure that your ideas are connected to each other, which will require you to think about it properly.

Frequent errors

  • Although suitable concepts and example are provided, they are not related to the question on the exam.
  • As you reach the midpoint of your answer, you discover that the essay is incoherent, and you do not have time to redo your answer.

Process of writing

Dividing the writing process into three elements will show the three components of an essay. Each component has a unique function, which is the reason why each essay component is treated as a different step in the entire process.

Third Step – Writing the introduction – check the start and the end

The introduction of an essay is important. It is the first thing that is read by the examiner. If it is not done properly, it will give a bad impression to the examiner, which is to be avoided. It is also essential to look into how the introduction of the essay is connected to the question. When you reach this step of the process, it is recommended that you check the question to ensure that you have answered the question properly. You should also look into your answer to check if it can be understood by the reader.

Frequent errors to avoid

  • The question is not properly identified
  • Your point of view of the question is vague

Fourth Stage – Expanding your thoughts in the main paragraphs –articulating and clarifying your point of view

This step in the entire process is uncommon to some extent. You need to have a different mindset when looking into this step. It is essential for you to answer the question in a coherent manner. It gives an indication of two things. First, it will be necessary for your thoughts to be clear with a single main idea for each paragraph. Secondly, it is also important for you to clarify your thoughts properly and demonstrate their connection to the question.

Frequent issues

  • There is an overabundance in details, which makes the main point unclear
  • Your thoughts have no basis and examples
  • Although your thoughts are notable, they are not connected to the question

Fifth Step – Summarizing your thought in the conclusion – Ensuring that the essay is complete

All essays have a conclusion, and the writing skills in creating the conclusion are somewhat different. It is recommended that the conclusion should be different. The conclusion can only be written properly after you wrote the main paragraphs. This will ensure that the conclusion will complete the essay since it should revisit the introduction to check the question being asked. It should also return to the main paragraph and identify its key points. The writing skill used in creating the conclusion is somewhat different since you are summarizing numerous ideas in a small number of words.

Frequent errors

  • There are instances when the conclusion is overlooked, which indicates that the essay was not finished.
  • There are also instances when the conclusion is not consistent with the main thought of the essay, or overlooks the question itself.

Sixth Step– Checking your work

You only have one opportunity to make sure your essay exam is written properly. You will not have enough time to create a draft and finalize it, which can be done with other types of academic work. Due to this, it is important to check your work. It is recommended that you repeat this step throughout the entire writing process, and do not wait until you reach the end. By then, you will not have enough time anymore.

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